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Choice & Control

Payees increasingly expect to receive instant electronic payments they control. Enlightened organizations can create competitive advantages by making it easier for customers, vendors, and affiliates to transact with them.


Business Logic

Triggering payments based on your business needs is what Sipree does best. Whether you need to ship product once cash is collected or onboard a new customer without friction, Sipree will clear the payments minefield for you.


Safe & Compliant

Once you have access to the payment networks, you can also have the confidence of knowing that your payments are safe, compliant and reportable. Sipree provides real-time reporting, controls over processing only compliant payments and a secure system that maintains no personal data on your customers.


Light Technology

IT resources are always in demand, so Sipree has designed a service that is easy to implement and light on your resources. Our software-as-a-service solution enables us to deploy outside the firewall to avoid internal friction

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