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Boost customer satisfaction and retention.

Deliver an exceptional customer experience with secure, on-the-spot payment of claims, rebates, refunds, commissions, and other one-time payments.

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Slash payment costs.

Eliminate your hard costs for cutting checks and reduce expenses for fraud prevention, customer support, call centers, and escheatment.

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Radically improve payment efficiency.

Streamline your one-time payments with a SaaS solution that automates your existing business workflow and systems of record.

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Discover how to transform your payments:

The Benefits of Digital Payments:

Fast: Payouts in real time vs. days or weeks

Secure: Iron-clad connections to leading payment platforms

Efficient: Eliminates costly ACH and paper checks

Delightful: Payees get instant payouts via their payment network of choice

Protective: Reduces fraud, loss and risk via settlement on regulated, compliant networks

Streamlined: Makes A/P processes and reconciliation transparent and easy

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Sipree is ideal for:

  • Claim Payments
  • Rebates & Refunds
  • Goodwill Payments
  • Affiliate Commissions
  • Vendor Payments
  • Royalties & Dividends
  • Class Action Settlement Payouts
  • Tax Refunds
  • Benefit Payments