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About Us

Our Story

Sipree is a financial technology company built for the enterprise. It was founded as an outgrowth of strategic planning at PayPal with a simple but profound goal: to re-architect how new, digital payment innovations are applied to commercial payment problems. Today, Sipree is the only company providing businesses with secure access to the leading payment networks through a single unified platform.

What's In a Name?

The name Sipree is derived from a scientific classification for a species of small sea snails in the family Cypraeidae. Shells of this cowry were commonly used as a medium of exchange in many areas of Africa, Asia and the Pacific islands until the late 19th century. If that’s how money got its start, we thought it fitting to respect value movement in its newest form….. digits.


Sipree’s team of dreamers, experts and pragmatists all have long careers in payments, transaction processing and enterprise/cloud computing infrastructure. We hail from leadership roles at Amex, FiServ, Google, HP, JPMorgan, Microsoft, PayPal, Western Union, Yodlee, and too many startups to count.

We share a common belief that commercial payments are ripe for transformation as new cloud solutions finally deliver a digital payment experience that moves money at Internet speed and enterprise scale.

Management Team

Mark Sole
Kevin Henkener
Head of Engineering
Chris Whipps
VP of Marketing
Rene Aeberhard
Head of Architecture

Investors & Advisors

Sipree is backed by an elite group of investors and strategic advisors that help guide our success and implement our vision.


  • Tim Brinkman – Venture & Private Equity Advisor
  • Dave Brown – Venture & Private Equity Advisor
  • Raj Date – Managing Director & Chair of the Investment Committee at Fenway Summer Ventures
  • Andy Sandler – Chairman & CEO, Temerity Capital Partners; Chairman & Executive Partner, BuckleySandler LLP; CEO, Treliant Risk Advisors