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Digital Payments That Elevate Your Consumer Brand

Exceed consumer expectations with instant rebate, reward, and refund payouts.

Give consumers choice to receive payments through a range of networks like PayPal, Amazon Balance, Google Pay, Visa/MasterCard Debit, and more

Offer immediate refunds during customer complaint calls

Slash the processing and wait time for customers to receive rebate payouts

Deliver a payment experience that helps differentiate your brand in highly-competitive markets


Speed, Convenience and Choice = Consumer Delight.

Sipree’s unique payment solution enables you to instantly use the digital networks – like PayPal, Amazon Balance, Google Pay, and Visa/MasterCard Debit – that millions of consumers already depend on. This translates to faster, cost-effective payments that keep customers happy and brand-loyal.


Real-time Payments Tailor-Made for Consumer Goods & Services:

Significantly less expensive than traditional payments—often paying for itself in less than 6 months

Customers LOVE the choice of real-time payment options at any point of interaction with your brand

All-digital transactions provide detailed payment data for fraud monitoring, receipt verification, and reconciliation

Configurable workflows handle your exact business needs, permissions, account controls, and exceptions handling

Seamless integration into ERP, CRM, and financial systems—with almost no IT support required