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Consumer Goods

A New Way To Look At Product Refunds and Rebates

What if THIS were your customer experience for a product rebate or refund?

What if...

You could offer an immediate refund for a customer product complaint – that is, it’s in the hands of the customer before you hang up the phone?

Your customers could choose a payment option?

You could offer alternative refund options, such as a credit to for new brand purchases?

That same payment system could be used for vendor payments and non-employee travel or interview reimbursements?

Sipree can make all these “what ifs” possible.

Not Just a Refund – A Brand Experience

Sipree’s unique payments platform enables you to easily take advantage of digital payment networks – like PayPal, Amazon Balance, Google Pay, and Visa / Mastercard Debit – that millions of consumers around the U.S. are already using. So you can make refunds more quickly and cost-effectively, while delivering an exceptional payment experience to your customers.


Why Look at Sipree For Your Product Rebate/Refund Experience?

One connection to Sipree opens a host of digital payment options for your business

Consumers LOVE the online/mobile interface and choice of real-time payment options

You can enhance the refund experience beyond what’s expected – such as offering a balance on to be used to purchase new brand items

Sound Interesting?

Give us 15 minutes and we’ll show you how we can put our unique platform to work for your business. It’s fast, compliant, and already proving itself in large commercial applications.