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Goodbye Escheatment, Hello Happy Policyholders

What if THIS were your member experience for an insurance claim payment?

What if...

A single party payment could be in a recipient’s bank account within seconds of claim approval?

The policyholder could choose a payment network she already uses?

You could eliminate escheatment by proving delivery of all funds?

You only paid out the net settlement value for subrogated claims to counterparties?

Sipree can make all these “what ifs” possible.

Real-time Claim Payouts, Lower Settlement Costs

Sipree’s unique platform enables you to make instant payments directly to your members’ bank accounts via a single, secure connection to their choice of digital payment options – like PayPal, Amazon Balance, Google Wallet, and Visa / Mastercard. The result? An exceptional brand experience for your policyholders, and significant cost savings for you from reduced escheatment and lower settlement payouts.


Why Look at Sipree for your Insurance Claims?

It’s significantly less expensive than ACH and paper checks – often paying for itself in less than 6 months.

Members LOVE the choice of real-time payment options at a time when they are not in a happy place.

All-digital transactions provide more detailed payment data for easier fraud monitoring, receipt verification, and fast settlement.

Integrated workflows handle all complex business logic, permissions, account controls, exceptions handling, and even multi-party endorsements.

Our platform integrates with your ERP or systems of record, fully supporting your current A/P process with no disruption to your business systems.

Sound interesting?

Give us 15 minutes and we’ll show you how we can put our unique platform to work for your business. It’s fast, compliant, and already proving itself in large commercial applications.