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Insurance Claims Payments That Transform Your Business

Streamline payouts, reduce costs and delight customers with digital disbursements.

Happier customers—with instant payments that go instantly to your customers' network of choice, from PayPal to Amazon to Visa/Mastercard debit and more

More efficient claims payments—existing systems are leveraged to streamline payment workflow according to your exact business needs

Big reduction of claims management costs, including escheatment, fraud prevention, customer support and call center costs

Minimal impact to IT, through a seamless, enterprise-class SaaS platform


Real-time Payments Built for the Insurance Industry

Dual account controls and payment permission management

Configurable workflows according to your business rules and claims handling processes

Compliant with SOC1, SOC2, NIST 800.53, PCI DSS, FIPS 199, and FedRamp Ready

Multi-factor, multi-layer authentication for reduced risk and fraud

Payment integrity including non-repudiation, fraud checks, and end-to-end reconciliation

ERP integration connects directly to your claims, CRM, accounting and other systems