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Re-Imagine Class Action Settlements

Take the Pain, Inefficiency, and Friction out of Notices & Payments in One Platform

Run a class action settlement process…

With no paper

With a fully digital notice plan

With a substantial portion of your class directly targeted

Converted and paid in a fully integrated enterprise service platform

Sipree provides a single platform for law firms dealing with mass tort, securities, antitrust and class action settlements to leverage the power and efficiencies of digital notices and payouts.


Increase efficacy, reduce fraud, deliver higher claims rates with a technology-driven approach

Precisely engineered approach with predictable, data-driven outcomes

Rule 23 compliant; no cy pres; all-digital outreach and payments

Highest claims rates and claimant satisfaction

“Sipree’s technology is going to revolutionize how payments are made in class cases. It’s long overdue that technology is leveraged to digitize and expedite the process holistically. We’ve looked for a solution like Sipree’s to deliver cash payments to our class members, with Rule 23 adherence, no cy pres and a predictable and repeatable process to get payments to more class members, faster, and more efficiently. We want this to become the standard in the industry.”

— Jeff Friedman, Partner at Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP

Digital Outreach + Digital Payments: A Winning Combination

Effective at Mass Reach

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