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Platform / Solutions

Your gateway to the power of alternative payments

The Sipree Platform

Sipree empowers enterprises with real-time money movement capabilities through a single gateway to the leading digital payment networks – like PayPal, Google Pay, Square Cash, and VISA / MasterCard.

Managed via a secure, patented / patents-pending SaaS platform, with unique integrations to popular payment providers, Sipree enables you to offer recipients unparalleled choice, ease, and speed of payment – all from a single web/mobile experience.

Integrated into your systems of record for easy settlement and reconciliation, the Sipree platform is fast, compliant, efficient, and fully traceable – every transaction, every time.

The Sipree Platform components include:

Recipient Portal

A white labeled web/mobile experience displaying a choice of payment options, with integrated workflows, user communications, and end-to-end payment processing capabilities

Customer Portal

A rich administrative portal with enterprise-grade features, configurable workflows, and permissioning to control, approve, and reconcile payments individually or in batch, with full analytics and reporting

Funding and Payments

Handled via a central settlement account with integrated workflows and controls

The Sipree Platform has flexible APIs for easy integration into core systems of record for centralized settlement and reconciliation.

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Key Capabilities of the Sipree Platform:

Secure connections to leading digital payment networks

Multi-factor authentication and out-of-wallet verification

Integrated workflows for rules and transaction handling, exceptions management

Payment integrity including non-repudiation, fraud mitigation, and end-to-end reconciliation

Dual account controls and permissions management

SaaS platform + APIs for quick integration with light IT support

ERP integration for direct connection to your accounting and payment systems

Security First

Security Controls

Built for enterprise and government deployments, all Sipree systems operate in a secure environment.

  • Data is encrypted at rest and in transit.
  • All code is scanned for vulnerabilities prior to, during, and after production rollout.
  • The network is scanned regularly with built-in alerts for fast problem identification
  • Our security experts perform internal and external reviews of our platform to comply with the highest security standards in the industry.

Our platform was built from the ground up to meet the highest standards of the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA High) to ensure against data breaches and loss, and protect the integrity and availability of both systems and data. Industry standards we adhere to include:

  • PCI DSS – Level I compliant
  • FedRamp
  • OFAC
  • KYC
Payment Integrity

Sipree protects and provides integrity to each payment, including:

  • transaction-level information
  • non-repudiation of payment acceptance
  • regulatory and local tax compliance
  • fraud mitigation
  • end-to-end reconciliation
  • AML/KYC/OFAC compliance

Fast/Easy Deployment

SaaS Platform + APIs

Managed via a secure SaaS platform, with APIs for quick integration, Sipree deployments can be implemented in short development cycles with light IT support. In fact, the Sipree Platform often pays for itself in less than 6 months. And with a fully customizable interface and a separate customer portal for administrative tasks, you no longer need to rely on IT for system changes.

ERP Integration

Sipree APIs enable direct connection to your accounting and payment systems, call center applications, and other systems of record for easy, centralized reconciliation. By reducing use of costly, traditional payment methods like ACH and paper checks, your business will enjoy lower escheatment, reduced fraud, and end-to-end transparency over every transaction.

Enhancing your Brand with a White Label Experience

Our platform will strengthen your brand with payment recipients – customers, suppliers, partners, employees – by offering them a modern, differentiated payment experience. And since our web and mobile interfaces are fully customizable to match your brand and web architecture, they’ll attribute that cool experience to you.

Complete Payment Control

Hosts and conducts all elements of payment instructions, communications, logging, authentication, and onboarding

Makes A/P processes and reconciliation transparent and easy with dual account controls for permissions management, and central, integrated, customizable workflows for transaction handling and exceptions management

Offers flexibility within payment networks as to how funds are made available and disbursed, the rules by which funds trade hands, fund pledge timing, and account restrictions