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Safe Innovation for Public Sector Payments

Digital disbursements that save time and money.

Wide range of uses: inter-agency, civilian, and other stakeholder payments

Unique identity validation and AI capabilities reduce risk and fraud

Modern, mobile, choice-driven experience drives trust and delight

Fast, secure, tightly-controlled infrastructure meets all compliance requirements

Mass payments delivered with high security to a range of networks like PayPal, Amazon Balance, Google Pay, Visa/MasterCard Debit, and more


Seamless, Proven Payments.

Sipree digital payments are already in use in government deployments, delivered by a powerful SaaS solution that features the highest AWS GovCloud security AND works interoperably with agency operating procedures and disbursement software for complete end-to-end remittance payment processing.



Unique Features:

Extensive partner network comprised of 8(a)s and other small business set-asides

Capable of contracting with TDOs and NTDOs

Compatible with Secure Payment System (SPS), Treasury Offset Program (TOP), Do Not Pay (DNP) & Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)

Engineered to process files and interfaces like: SPS 440, PAM, TAS/BETC, IPAC, XML, NACHA, X9.37/ICL, CSV, bulk flat files

Capacity to handle the most complex payments out to employees, officers, tax payers, civilians, vendors & contractors

Benefits of Using Sipree:

Millions saved in operational efficiencies and mission optimization

Better citizen experience; increased trust

Reduced fraud, unauthorized and out of compliance payments

End-to-end process transparency, analytics, agency controls and workflows

Better security through in-line payee validation, artifact collection, and forensics