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Sipree Launches Major U.S. Airline Customer

Sipree / News  / Sipree Launches Major U.S. Airline Customer
3 Apr

Sipree Launches Major U.S. Airline Customer

Sipree Platform Delivers In-the-Moment Remedies for Travel-Related Payment Needs

San Francisco, CA – April 3, 2018 – Sipree, Inc., a financial technology company built for the enterprise, today announced further traction in the travel market with a major US airline customer launch.

Sipree’s Platform is designed to deliver on-the-spot solutions ideal for a host of travel-related use cases, from baggage claims to refunds and reimbursements for travel-related issues, goodwill, lodging, EC-261, and more. Focused on both domestic and global traveler payments, Sipree continues to expand its capabilities for fast, frictionless payments to meet the needs of today’s real-time experience expectations.

“In this digital age, customers at every age now expect speed and personalization in every experience,” said Mark Sole, CEO at Sipree. “This expectation is heightened when traveling, when anxiety is already high. When some things are simply outside your control (like weather), having an ability to provide a real-time remedy can mean everything for the customer experience. We hope to make every one of those interactions better, for both the airlines and their valued customers.”

Sipree’s patented platform uniquely enables travel brands to leverage modern payment networks – like PayPal, Amazon Balance, Google Pay, Venmo, Visa/Mastercard debit push, and more – providing speed and choice to travelers in need of compensation.

Sipree’s SaaS technology offers key advantages for large, global enterprises in travel, insurance, consumer goods, legal cases, and public sector. In addition to the choice of real-time payment options, the Sipree Platform has enterprise-grade controls and scalability to:

  • Reduce fraud & riskusing multiple levels of transaction analysis with built-in identity validation
  • Increase operational efficienciesby automating processes, business logic, and complex workflows
  • Decrease costsby reducing use of paper checks and ACH
  • Delight customers via a brand experience that is fast, easy, personalized, and driven by choice

“Expect all airlines to be rolling out these capabilities soon,” noted Sole.

For more information:

To learn more about Sipree’s solutions for innovating airline disbursements and delighting customers, visit


To learn more about Sipree, the Sipree platform and team, visit

About Sipree

Sipree is a financial technology company built for the enterprise, focused first on payments. The Sipree Platform empowers global enterprises with real-time payments that lower operating costs, reduce fraud, and delight recipients with a choice of popular payment networks. Sipree’s SaaS delivery models enable quick deployment with minimal IT resources while leveraging existing systems for full visibility and control. It’s time to transform how enterprise payments are done.

Sipree is based in San Francisco with a Federal office in Washington D.C. Visit us at and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.