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Sipree Receives Patent Award on System for Desktop-Invoked Image or Video Capture

Sipree / News  / Sipree Receives Patent Award on System for Desktop-Invoked Image or Video Capture
13 Feb

Sipree Receives Patent Award on System for Desktop-Invoked Image or Video Capture

Sipree Platform Helping to Solve the $188B Enterprise Payment Problem

San Francisco, CA – February 13, 2018 – Sipree, Inc., a financial technology company built for the enterprise, today announced a patent award for its capabilities for desktop-invoked image/video capture. The patent helps drive Sipree’s unique technology platform that is transforming high volume enterprise payouts – $188B in global spend each year – where speed, deliverability, security, and transparency are vital. The Sipree Platform is ideal for use cases like claims, commissions, refunds, good-will payments, and legal settlements.

“This patent is important as we add core capabilities around artifact collection and identity validation into our platform,” said Mark Sole, CEO at Sipree. “At the end of the day, our digital payments are a popular feature of the platform, but the secret sauce is in the value-added enterprise systems that surround those payments, which help to reduce transaction risk, improve operational efficiencies, and add new levels of transparency and control to a wide range of enterprise payouts.”

Sipree enables Global 2000 enterprises to take advantage of modern payment networks – like PayPal, Amazon Balance, Google Pay, Venmo, Visa/Mastercard debit push, and a host of coming international payment networks – reaching all consumer, small business, employee, and vendor/partner recipients for virtually any payment use case.

Sipree’s patented and patent-pending services architecture offers key advantages for large enterprises like airlines, insurance carriers, legal firms, and government agencies, such as:

  • Ubiquity of digital payment options:Gives recipients choice, speed, and delight
  • Central controls and AI: Customized workflows, transaction analysis and scoring meet and exceed security, compliance and risk requirements
  • Easy implementation: Flexible SaaS delivery model integrates with core systems or stands alone
  • Scalability: Built and tested to handle millions of payments across multiple departments, use cases, and geographies for massive scale

For more information:

To learn more about Sipree’s solutions for innovating large-scale enterprise payments, visit

To learn more about Sipree, the Sipree platform and team, visit

About Sipree

Sipree is a financial technology company built for the enterprise, focused first on payments. The Sipree Platform empowers global enterprises with real-time payments that lower operating costs, reduce fraud, and delight recipients with a choice of popular payment networks. Sipree’s SaaS delivery models enable quick deployment with minimal IT resources while leveraging existing systems for full visibility and control. It’s time to transform how enterprise payments are done.

Sipree is based in San Francisco with a Federal office in Washington D.C. Visit us at and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.