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Sipree to Speak at Connected Claims USA Summit 2018

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27 Mar

Sipree to Speak at Connected Claims USA Summit 2018

Sipree’s Enterprise Financial Technology Platform Now Applied to Insurance Claims Transformation

San Francisco, CA – March 27, 2018 – Sipree, Inc., a financial technology company built for the enterprise, today announced its sponsorship of this year’s Connected Claims USA Summit in Chicago, IL May 21-22, 2018.

The event gathers hundreds of insurance claims visionaries and leaders to explore the technologies that are enabling both operational efficiency and a superior customer experience – from artificial intelligence to drones, digital payments, and mobile customer communication methods.

In a recent survey produced by Insurance Nexus, 76% of insurance claims executives rated “claims transformation” as a top strategic priority. Sipree’s platform enables claims transformation by enabling all-digital claims payments and claims process automation. Outcomes of using Sipree’s SaaS Platform include lower costs, less fraud and risk, and delighted customers who have choices of popular, instant payment methods. Built-in controls and transaction analysis also deliver unprecedented fraud protection and efficiency in payment operations.

“According to our own research, over 75% of payees prefer to receive claims payments digitally, and those numbers grow as future generations become even more connected,” said Mark Sole, CEO at Sipree. “At Sipree, we want to give insureds the digital experience they want while giving insurance carriers the controls, security, and fraud protections they need. We have built an enterprise SaaS platform that delivers on the claims transformation promise.”

In the same Insurance Nexus survey referenced above, 68% of executives reported their organization’s process isn’t simple, streamlined or efficient. Sipree is aiming to change that. For a live demo, come see Sipree at Connected Claims USA, May 21-22!

For more information:

For more information about Sipree’s solution for claims transformation for insurance carriers, visit To register for the Connected Claims USA Summit, visit Contact us for a $200 discount code!

To learn more about Sipree, the Sipree platform and team, visit

About Sipree

Sipree is a financial technology company built for the enterprise, focused first on payments. The Sipree Platform empowers global enterprises with real-time payments that lower operating costs, reduce fraud, and delight recipients with a choice of popular payment networks. Sipree’s SaaS delivery models enable quick deployment with minimal IT resources while leveraging existing systems for full visibility and control. It’s time to transform how enterprise payments are done.

Sipree is based in San Francisco with a Federal office in Washington D.C. Visit us at and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.