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Why Sipree?

A Market in Need of Transformation

Today, global enterprises and government entities still process more than 15 billion transactions via slow, costly, inefficient cash and check payments. Fraud and unauthorized transactions alone from ACH and paper checks cost companies billions each year.

The challenge? Those non-recurring payments to consumers and businesses that don’t go through a straight-through process – like refunds, rebates, claims, commissions, and supplier payments. Despite the proliferation of digital payment platforms, there hasn’t been an easy way to harness them to handle one-off payments – until now.

At Sipree, we’re re-shaping how value is transmitted by global enterprises. Think you can’t digitize your entire payments process? Think again.

Sipree: Your Connection to the World of Alternative Payments

Imagine if you could send any “irregular” payment – like a customer refund, insurance claim, or class action settlement – to a person or business electronically in minutes, with multi-factor authentication, transaction validation, and proof-of-receipt workflow rules?

With Sipree, you can. Our single, integrated gateway to the most popular alternative payment networks -- like PayPal, Google Wallet, Amazon Balance, and VISA / MasterCard – enables you to send secure, instant payments directly to payees’ accounts, via whatever payment platform they choose.

What does that mean for your business? It’s simple:

No more reliance on paper checks, ACH or prepaid cards

Lower costs, faster payments

Settlement on regulated, compliant networks, reducing fraud, loss and risk

Quick deployment with minimal integration and IT support

Instant payments for an exceptional brand experience

Scalability and adaptability for future growth

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